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Anthony Heinz May

Teaching Artist, Fine Arts

As an emerging New York artist originally from Oregon, Anthony Heinz May is fascinated by relationships humans have built with the natural environment.  Experience between the natural and artificial surroundings of where he grew up and now lives respectively, creates the momentum and many points of intersection behind his artistic pursuits.

“The value of working with natural material as a medium for creativity qualifies my art practice.  As a means to navigate life and understand the world around us, nature has become a long lost tradition of modern human experience.  Present day surges of the artificial have taken over the natural and its meaning in reference to what it means to progress.  This process is alarmingly expedited as modern technology impedes more into every aspect of human existence, no longer as a way to facilitate survival but to perpetuate planned obsolescence at the expense of individual creativity and imagination.”

Anthony Heinz May’s artworks can be found throughout various natural, rural and urban landscapes in form of recycled tree waste appearing as digitally compromised.  These “glitches of nature” are installed to blur the edges of where natural and human-built worlds meet.  His sculptural reconstructions are reclaimed by weather, insects, flora and fauna, becoming reinvestments of the ecosystems they were originally appropriated from.