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Diana Roldan

Teaching Artist, Fine Arts

Diana started as an Intern Assistant for After School classes at CMA, then officially joined the CMA Fine Arts family in the winter of 2015. Additionally in 2015 she also aided in after school classes and summer Art Colony classes. She also wore many hats in the Fine Arts Open Studio during public hours. Diana has also extended herself in working in birthday parties and the Clay Bar. Currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Art Education at Long Island University CWPOST in Brookville. Her interests and skills are in ceramics, 3D sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and jewelry making.

Words from the artist…I enjoy teaching because I like being able to help other younger and older artists learn new skills, challenge their artistic styles to create something they never thought they could. It’s inspirational helping someone see through their ideas and create something significant. I believe everyone is gifted artistically and, through art discovery, they can find that gift. My influences to my artistic style is a huge mash up of, 20th century art and pop culture, Jim Henson, Tim Burton, Fantasy worlds and DC Universe. Chinese and Japanese Ink paintings, woodblock prints, ancient ceramics, Roman, Greek sculpture. Some of my favorite artists influences are Kandinsky, Sargent, Lichenstein, Monet, Alex Ross, Dali, Leonardo and Alexander Calder.