CMA Stories

CMA's CIVICKIDS project for December is Cardboard Story Wheels, a great way to teach children about taking on different points of view. CMA Teaching Artists share two ways to modify Cardboard Story Wheels for different ages and settings. Read more

Knoxville Museum of Art Teaching Artist Colleen Thornbrugh reflects on using CIVICKIDS projects in their community schools' programming. Read more

December’s Reading List

Hudson Park Library offers a deeper look at our CIVICKIDS theme of Histories & Traditions with their December Reading List. Read more

As our month of Equity comes to a close, we reflect on our neighbors doing great work in an essential aspect of enacting equity — listening. What does listening have to do with Equity? Students of P.S. 140 tackle this question with sound artist Robert Sember! Read more

Unusual Upcycled Planters with Restart

Remember our Unusual Upcycled Planters from October? CMA Teaching Artist Ian Tousius brings the project to Restart, our arts education program for children living in transitional housing. Read more

This December, CMA is exploring histories & traditions through art making! Sometimes telling our stories may come from a different perspective than we normally realize. All it takes is to look at what may seem random and make sense of it! Read more

Drawing Game Exchange with ICA Miami

CMA played the Drawing Game with our featured partner this month, ICA Miami. Check out our colorful collaborations! Read more

CMA's CIVICKIDS project for November is a fun, silly Drawing Game, perfect for family time over the holidays. Our ARTogether Facilitators share two more collaborative drawing games to try at home. Read more

November’s Reading List

Thanks to our friends at the Hudson Park Library! Our neighborhood Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger shares her November Reading List. Read more

How-To: The Drawing Game

This November, CMA is exploring equity through art making! How do you define community? Get to know your community through this fun, easy game! Read more

As our month of Environmentalism comes to a close, we reflect on our neighbors doing great work in urban gardening and environmental sustainability over at Sixth Street Community Center. Get to know Program Director Jen Chantrtanapichate and these youth community leaders! Read more

CMA is hosting a Town Hall on Sunday, October 21 featuring Shane Aslan Selzer and her son Sekou Ross-Selzer as panelists. Shane is an artist, writer and organizer whose practice develops micro-communities where artists can expand on larger social issues such as exchange, critique and failure. Get to know her below! Read more

In a special How-To in October's month of celebrating Environmentalism, we've teamed up with Ishizaka Group to make Floating Houses! Read more

CMA is teaming up with For Freedoms in their 50 State Initiative to present a Town Hall on Sunday, October 21. For Freedoms co-founder Eric Gottesman is also featured in our current exhibition, Art & Activism: Drawing the line. Learn more about his work! Read more

October’s Reading List

Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger of NYPL's Hudson Park branch shares her Reading List for the month of October! Read more

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