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How-To: Cardboard Story Wheels

Sometimes stories have many more perspectives than we may realize. All it takes is to look at what may seem random and make sense of it! Share your projects using #CMACivicKids.

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard

  • Markers

  • Color Paper

  • Scissors

  • Awl

  • Brass Fasteners


1. Using three pieces of cardboard, divide up the surface of each one like a pizza with a marker and ruler.

2. In the sections of the first piece of cardboard, write the subject of a sentence. Examples can be “My mother”, “The spaceship”, “The spider” etc.

3. In the sections of the second piece of cardboard, write the action of a sentence. Examples can be “flew over”, “created”, “became” etc.

4. In the sections of the third piece of cardboard, write the object of a sentence. Examples can be “a rainbow”, “a supernova”, “the leader” etc.

5. From cardstock, make three pointers consisting of a long triangle with a hole punched in the middle.

6. Using an awl, punch a hole in the center of each piece of cardboard. Place the pointer on the center of the cardboard, and secure it by putting a brass fastener through the whole.

7. Spin to create a random, funny sentence, and then draw it on a separate piece of paper!


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