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How-To: Geometric Weavings

Got some yarn or string in the apartment? Turn it into a cool geometric work of art with this easy How-To workshop. Create your own colorful abstract wall piece by deconstructing and transforming a cardboard box and weaving it with yarn!

What you’ll need:

cereal box or cardboard box
bright colored yarn
hole punch
masking tape
permanent marker


1. Start with an empty cereal box. Cut off the lid at the top or tape the lid closed. Use a permanent marker and draw a geometric shape, like a triangle or rectangle, on both the front and backside of your box.

2. Use a blade to cut out the two shapes. If you’d like to, paint your box one color, and let it dry.

3. Use a hole punch to make holes above and below the shapes you cut out. Make sure your holes are at least ½” from the bottom and the top of the box, and at least a ¼” from the edges of your shape.

4. Fold the box back together and tape along the bottom.

5. Time to weave! Pick a hole at one corner of the box and begin to weave the yarn with a tapestry needle by pushing the needle through the holes, up and down.

6. Once you reach the other end of your shape, change the color of your yarn by tying a new piece of yarn to the old yarn end in a knot.

7. Begin weaving back across your “loom” using your different colored thread or even varying your direction by how you connect the holes with your thread. You can do this with 3 colors or more! Once you finish, repeat these steps on the shape on the other side of the box.

Share your geometric weaving with us using #sharewithCMA! How-To Tuesdays are published on our blog every other week, so check back soon for a new project!

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