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Printmaking Art Colony Projects

Enjoy these wonderful creations created by young artists during our Printmaking Art Colony Day Camp classes!

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  • 103 Charlton Textiles campers learned new techniques like weaving, wrapping/knot tying, folding, tucking and bundling fabric and stamp making for surface design. They were inspired by the works of Robb Putman to recreate his animal… Read more

  • 103 Charlton Paint my Picture students started the week learning how to build on their artwork alternating with collage and sharpie details. They also learned how to do blind contour drawings, timed figure drawings, and… Read more

  • 103 Charlton Fashion Design campers started the week with papier-mache to create elaborate headpieces. They then moved on to the sewing machine, and hand sewing techniques such as stitch running, fabric cutting and creating seams.… Read more

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