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Summer Art Colony 2017: July 10 – 14

103 Charlton

Campers in Art of Minecraft were introduced to pointillism, claymation, stop-motion animation, collage, painting, green screen and film techniques. They drew inspiration from the likes of Notch, George Seurat, Nintendo designer’s concept art, PEZ, “History of Graphics” and “History of Video Game Design”. Students used paint, clay, cardboard construction, and stop motion cut outs to bring their Minecraft creations to life. They were most excited about animation and costume design and learned the step by step process of film-making. Students worked individually and in groups to create one feature film you can watch below!

This week, Marvelous Machines students learned to make levels, wheels, axles, pulleys, wedges, and screws, and how they all work together to create machines we use everyday. Students used a combination of cardboard, bamboo skewers, wire, card stock, art straw, tape, hot glue, glue, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, and found material to assemble their creations. Campers went on a walking tour around neighborhood, where they drew inspiration from real life machines, cranes, flag poles, wheelchair ramps, and window cleaner pulleys. The week culminated in a large project for each student to solve a problem with the help of their machines!

Governors Island

Kinetic Sculpture students were challenged to make a series of dynamic objects that incorporated a large array of material and technique. Through a mix of structure and freedom, young artists worked with materials like cardboard, balsa wood, tile, string, acrylic paint, watercolor, armature wire, plastic fidget spinners and ball bearings, fabric, and ribbon to experiment with unique modes of construction and movement. Students learned how different materials respond to one another while problem-solving with simple engineering, creating original sculptures with delightfully unexpected outcomes.

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