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Summer Art Colony 2017: July 17 – 21

103 Charlton

Fashion Design campers started the week with papier-mache to create elaborate headpieces. They then moved on to the sewing machine, and hand sewing techniques such as stitch running, fabric cutting and creating seams. Students were inspired by the works of Stephen Jones Hat Anthology, Alexander McQueen, Charles James, and the Force of Nature gallery in the Museum at FIT; an exhibition on how flora and fauna inspire fashion and design. After designing headdresses from papier-mache, they moved on to making pin cushions, seam running stitches, sewing machine tutorials and finally garment customization. Students presented their final creations in a runway show to friends and family.

Graphic Novel campers learned how to draw speed poses, use ink wash to make grey tones, create rough drafts of their comics, and draw thumbnail layouts for their final pieces. They also learned how to create 3-D letters for their covers and titles. Students worked with watercolors, ink, color pencils, and markers. They drew inspiration from the likes of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, DC Comics Batman, Herge’s The Adventures of Tintin, Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts, and Bill Waterson’sCalvin and Hobbes. They began this week by doing short-form comics, then progressed all the way to creating full size graphic novels. The final product, a graphic novel with a cover, and a splash page as well as their planning, rough drafts and sketches were showcased to friends and family at the Final Friday show.

103 Charlton Teens

Comics: Digital Techniques students started the week by creating comics, storyboarding, inking, and learning Illustrator and Photoshop. They used pen, ink, and digital coloring in Photoshop to bring their rough drafts to life and onto digital platforms. They were inspired by Bill Waterson’s Calvin & Hobbes, Herge’s Tintin, and Jack Kirby’s Marvel Comics. Students worked with their hands and traditional methods to create rough drafts they then transferred to digital techniques. Each student made his or her own comic but worked together to give feedback and do brainstorming activities. Students created a one panel comic and a cover both drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop.

Governors Island

Landscape Painting campers explored skills and techniques needed to render nature, land, and other aspects of their environment. Building landscapes with horizon lines, vanishing points, and overlapping, young artists progressed from charcoal drawings to small paintings, culminating in 2-3 larger canvases which they worked from background, middle ground, to foreground. Students learned how to harness their observational skills and blend them with their unique imaginations.

Animal Animation campers constructed their own creations this week like Frankenstein’s monster! After talking about different kinds of animals, real and imaginary, young artists built and sculpted their very own movable animal busts from armature wire, tape, and clay. After some introductory stop-motion exercises, and exploring programs including Pixilation, iStopmotion, and Garageband, they animated their busts and made them talk! Check out a video of their moving, talking sculptures below!

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