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Summer Art Colony 2017: July 24 – 28

103 Charlton

Paint my Picture students started the week learning how to build on their artwork alternating with collage and sharpie details. They also learned how to do blind contour drawings, timed figure drawings, and learned new watercolor techniques like working with crayon to repel the watercolor. Students were inspired by the works of modern masters they viewed at the Franklin Bowles Gallery, such as Picasso, Chagall, Mickalene Thomas, Henri Rousseau, and Kehinde Wiley. After learning collage, they then applied their collage and painting skills to building puppets. Students then moved into figure drawing and drew super heroes in action. They worked mostly individually, but would pair up when they drew blind contours or used a model to learn how to draw bodies in action. They showcased their portfolios to friend and family at the Final Friday presentation.

Tech Heads students were introduced to the basics of electronics, paper circuitry, little bits technology, wearable tech, and motorization this week.They used cardboard, yarn, color pencil, straws, LED lights, and copper tape to bring their creations to life. Drawing  inspiration from artists such as Theo Jansen, Danny Rozin, Ruby Taki, and Jon Kessler, students designed their own wearable pieces embedded with technology. Their final works included a motored car, robotic arms, and paper circuit cards.

103 Charlton Teens

The Art of Teaching Art students this week were introduced to many art-making methods including watercolor, animation, armature building and sculptural work. They drew inspiration from each other’s work, PEZ, Blue, Ardman Animation, and the teaching artist’s own portfolio. Students got most excited about armature creation and making their own puppets. They progressed throughout the week learning about fine art, animation and creating art projects for all ages and presented a final portfolio to their friends and family at the end of the week.

Governors Island

The Art of Bookmaking campers learned storyboarding, pamphlet binding, sewing and how to make accordion books, sewn felt books, and an illustrated book using watercolor, prismacolor pencils + markers, and book board. Looking at artists like John Burningham, Leo Lioni, and Barbara Cooney, young artists were individually guided through several projects, progressing their bookmaking from simple techniques to more advanced book binding by week’s end. Between all the hard but rewarding bookmaking work, students spent time at the various parks, slides, and playgrounds that Governors Island has to offer.

Pixilation campers stayed busy this week, working through many different processes as a group to create a movie about a haunted hotel. Students learned skills like pixilation, rotoscoping, scriptwriting, prop-making, set dressing, and location scouting, using paint, cardboard, fabric, iPads, computers, ziggy cameras, cray pas, and colored pencils. Using the island and its military remnants as a set, students fused together all of their newfound knowledge to make a chilling movie that is sure to haunt any viewer!

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