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Summer Art Colony 2017: June 26 – 30

103 Charlton

Printmaking students learned how to create relief prints, collagraphs, and monotypes, along with bookbinding and printing using silk screen techniques. The class looked at the works of Andy Warhol and Anni Albers, and on a field trip, got to explore work by artists at the International Print Center of New York. Some highlights of the week included using a printing press, making monotypes at a the International Print Center, and creating signage & T-shirts that convey a personal message.

Fairytale Films students were introduced to stop motion animation, puppet making, storyboarding, and audio recording this week. Using paper, color pencils, clay, and the stop motion software, students brought their characters and stories to life! They watched PES and fairy tale classics like Three Little Pigs, Cinderella. and more for inspiration. Students worked individually and in groups to create their stories in one combined film that showcased their new animation and editing skills.

Teen Art Colony

Editing & Post Production students started the week with an introduction to techniques like storyboarding and montages. They also learned how to edit to music and match cuts. Students looked at legends like Walt Disney and Wes Anderson for storyboarding inspiration and watched The Cutting Edge documentary for examples. They got in a group to brainstorm and write their scripts, and worked individually and in pairs to film around the neighborhood, preform montage exercises, and edit their final films. Using Final Cut Pro, DSLR cameras, and found film from Prelinger archives, students made one short music video in pairs and one longer film that they screened for friends and family at the Final Friday show.


Governors Island

Drawesome! students developed their own observational drawing techniques. Modeled from a college-level foundations drawing course, students were gently pushed at their own pace to new levels of skill through exercises with shape, line, shading, proportion, and perspective. Drawesome! incorporated materials like charcoal, pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, and pastel to create unique still lifes, portraits, and landscapes. While progressing as a group, young artists were given one-on-one attention to ensure individual success, and they have a new body of work to show for it.

Filmmaking students started the week by looking at analogue techniques to gain an appreciation for digital video. After watching and discussing notable works of film, students created storyboards, learned how to shoot and develop Super8 and 16mm film; animate by painting, scratching, and drawing on their film strips; and implement props with set design, which culminated into a final collaborative film.

The film will be available shortly, check back soon!

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