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Summer Art Colony: August 8 – 12

103 Charlton

Intro to Comics students explored the world of character design, illustration, and pen and ink art, learning new skills in watercolors, ink wash, and brush and quill techniques. Young artists studied the works of Bill Watterson, Pixar, Peanuts and various graphic novels to find inspiration for their own comic strips! The class experimented with storyboarding, character development, and calligraphy to create their ten main comics over the course of the week. They were excited to showcase their new comics to friends and family at the end-of-the-week Final Friday show!

Working on designs
Tracing over sketches
A comic strip

This week, the Costume Design class transformed their ideas into elaborately creative costumes! The students learned skills in pattern making, hand sewing, machine sewing and embroidery while studying the works of Todd Oldham, Iris Van Herpen, Coco Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent to find inspiration for their own unique designs. After an eye-opening visit to The Met to see Manus x Machina, brought their designs to life and showcased their final costumes at the Final Friday runway show to friends and family.

Learning our way around a sewing machine
Visiting Manus X Machina at The Met
Final runway show!
Class sewing

Teen Art Colony

Art met technology in this week’s 3D Printing class. The young artists started the week creating sculptures from clay. From there, they used their clay prototypes to digitally sculpt the objects with Meshmixer software. The class experimented with this new skills collaboratively, teaching one another what they learned along the way. On an exciting trip to the NYU LaGuardia 3D Printing Labs, the class got a behind the scenes look at state of the art 3D Printers, and an opportunity to scan their faces and hands to be printed. The students printed their original designs using the Makerbot Replicator 2 out of plastic which they showcased at the end of the week to their friends and family.

Editing with image software
Scanning an arm
Finished sculptures!
Planning the 3D models

Governors Island

This week’s Animating Greek Myths class learned how to make their very own animated film following themes of classical Greek mythology. Campers worked in groups to write an outline, build their set and props, and animate a short story! Throughout the week, the class experimented with a variety of materials and techniques including cardboard, paper, clay, paint and stop-motion animation. For inspiration they watched past CMA films and learned about Greek mythology reviewing D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths.

Drawing characters
Building sets
Acting on stage

Students in the Textiles class explored the world of textile arts, learning a range of new skills including sewing, weaving and knitting. Campers used these skills to design and sew their own artist’s smock, bind their own sketchbook and weave miniature tapestries.Throughout the week, the class also experimented with indigo dye to learn the Japanese art of Shibori, while also exploring a variety of fabric, yarn and thread. For inspiration they looked at the work of textile artists Sheila Hicks, Anni Albers and Michelle Grabner.

Cutting a pattern
Textile design
Dying for Shibori
The final product!

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