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CMA Marches in the Mermaid Parade

CMA swam with the Merfolk of Coney Island this past weekend in the annual Mermaid Parade! After decorating costumes all week at the museum and in a special workshop at Coney Island before the parade, young mermaids, starfish, and sea creatures made their way down Mermaid Avenue led by Teaching-Artist-turned-jellyfish Yung Oh Le Page.

Want to create your own mermaid tail? We have a workshop that is easy to try at home, just follow the steps below!


Brown paper, large construction paper, or fabric, Posterboard or thick paper, Pencil, Scissors ,Tape, Glue or glue sticks, Ribbon or string, Decorating materials (markers, glitter, paint, colored pencils, etc.)

  • Create a stencil of a mermaid tail on thick paper or posterboard. Think about its two fins and the dolphin-like shape. You can sit on the paper and trace the lengths of your legs for measurement!
  • Next, trace the stencil on brown paper, fabric or large construction paper. Using scissors, cut out the shape you traced.
  • Next, decorate your tail! Add glitter, draw starfish and seashells, or you can use colored construction paper to cut out scales.
  • Finally, measure a length of ribbon or string around your waist, making sure to leave enough to tie in a bow. Attach the string the the top part of the tail with tape or staples.
  • Tie it around your waist with the tail hanging down the back of your legs. You’re ready to be a mermaid!

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