Pride Cultural Festival

Join us for our 2nd annual PRIDE Cultural Festival on Sunday, June 10, 2018. The museum will run special workshops and performances celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in recognition of Pride month. 10-year-old drag kid Desmond Napoles, “Desmond is Amazing,” will host this year’s festivities as CMA’s Pride Mayor with Special Story… Read more

Scheduled Courses at CMA

Art Colony Day Camps

Our day-long art camps offer kids an opportunity to unleash their creativity through paint, sculpture, animation, drawing, and more! All classes are led by practicing artists trained and experienced in teaching art-making to children. Camps are held during school holidays and summer vacation — perfect for working parents!

Studio Activities during General Hours

When you visit CMA during general admission hours, you can participate in studio activities going on across the museum, from fine arts, to clay sculpture, to animation, and sound design! Many of the activities are inspired by artworks on view in the gallery, famous artists, national holidays, and artistic traditions from countries across the world.

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