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March 23, 1 pm 5:45 pm

Ages 5+

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March For Our Lives: Artists in Action


Join us for an art and activism workshop. We are creating signs, banners and peace flowers out of sustainable materials to be used for the March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24.


How can artists make their voice heard? In these workshops, CMA Teaching Artists will expose visitors to the rich history of poster design as it relates to social justice movements around the world. They will discuss how artists such as Andrew Bowers, The Guerilla Girls, Barbara Kruger and Shepard Fairey use art to spread a message. In turn, young artists will have the chance to discuss the issues that matter to them, and put their ideas into action!


March For Our Lives will protest Congress’s inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods. Students and allies are organizing the national march to demand Congress pass legislation to keep us safe from gun violence at our schools, on our streets, in our homes, and our communities. It’s amazing what can happen when a group of people come together for a common cause. Please join us at CMA as we want to hear what you have to say and make art!


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