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SUBMERGE celebrates NYC’s coastal waters by bringing marine science to life. Join us for citizen science, free hands-on activities, kid-approved science entertainment and presentations by renowned scientists. Enjoy kayaking, fishing and activities galore! This is the fifth annual SUBMERGE NYC Marine Science Festival on Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 from 11am to 4pm. 


Zero Waste Weaving with CMA*

Ryan Frank’s “Trash Portraits” shine a light on the negative effects of mass consumption. For example, the United States goes through over 1 billion plastic bags annually. Plastic bags in our oceans are a source of dioxin and other pollutants that are changing marine habitats and polluting our food chain. Did you know you can create woven works of art with plastic bags? Learn how to take your recycling to the next level as we collaborate on a giant tapestry! Then, weave in a message: what does water mean to you?


*This workshop is hosted in partnership with Hudson River Park Trust and New York Hall of Science.


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