Wednesday - Friday
August 21 - 25, 2017
9AM to 5 PM

Ages 12 - 15


per week

Save $59.50 on each Summer Art Colony Class with CMA Membership (Friend or Community Builder level): $535.50 for the week with membership code


Develop editing skills as you design and arrange original footage to match the rhythm of a song. Young filmmakers will choose a favorite track and will then collaborate across a series of brainstorming, drawing, and storyboarding sessions, before delving into the exciting process of production. They will experiment with stop motion animation, work with live action video and Final Cut editing software, and choreograph dance moves for the whole performance. After the video is edited, they will share the final product with the world through CMA’s Blog!

All Summer Art Colony 2017 at 103 Charlton Camps

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