Celebrate Earth Day

Saturday, Apr 22, 10 am to 5 pm
At CMA, 103 Charlton Street, New York
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Join CMA for an Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 22! Show your support for the environment by creating artwork out of recyclable or natural materials. You can also get inspired by the artwork in Weather or Not, That is the Question, an exhibition about the power and mystery of weather, and how it impacts our environment. See how artists interpret climate change, extreme storms, the threats of global warming, and the force of mother nature.  

Workshops include:

Letters to Trump in the Gallery: In honor of Earth day, springtime and environmental conservation in the United States, young artists will write personalized letters to the president. Young artists can draw or write on their letters about what the natural environment means to them. They will also get an envelope addressed to the President.

Green and Blue “Globe” Pom Poms in Fine Arts: Using yarn and cardboard, CMA visitors will create soft, hand-held globes. Young artists will learn about Earth day, the conservation of our natural resources and try their hand at fiber arts!

Earth’s Core Texture Boards in Fine Arts: Young artists will create texture boards to mimic the structure and texture of the layers of Earth, beginning with the Earth’s Crust, moving to the Asthenosphere, Mantle, Outer Core, and Inner Core.

Animating Nature in the Media Lab: Join us in the Media Lab to create your own found-object animation using organic materials including rocks, leaves, and sand!

Create Your Own Terrarium at the Clay Bar: In the Clay Bar, create your own unique terrarium filled with plant life, small creatures, and microorganisms

Extreme Weather Reports in the Sound Booth: Record your own extreme weather report from anywhere in the world using our Sound Booth! What type of climate are you noticing and how is it affecting the environment?