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Love from Mt. Pom Pom

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Misaki Kawai

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Love from Mt. Pom Pom is an interdisciplinary art exhibition of new work by the internationally recognized Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, entitled Love from Mt. Pom Pom. Utilizing painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, artist books and zines, as well as animation and video, Misaki transformed CMA’s gallery into an imagined world named ‘Mt. Pom Pom’, where giant fuzzy animals and other colorful characters run wild.

In her work, Misaki encourages both adults and young people to make art by emphasizing that the most important thing for an artist is not their ability to draw technically well, but their ability to trust their instincts. This ethos stems from Misaki’s own approach to art making, which is connected to the concept of “heta-uma,” a Japanese manga style that is technically bad (i.e., naïve or amateurish) but produces a successful result through the artist’s intuitive powers of expression. The exhibit’s message, which aligns with CMA’s approach to art and art making, is that everyone can be an artist regardless of skill or technical ability.

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