Team Building

Looking for a corporate team building that stimulates problem solving, awakens creative abilities, and drives productivity of ideas? Team Building events at CMA provide your organization with the space, materials, and expertise to bring your team together in a shared activity. Led by CMA’s Teaching Artists, members of your organization will complete an art project, facilitating group interaction in the learning process. CMA offers a series of modules designed to unleash your teams most creative thinking.

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Team Building Packages



Members of your team will learn the basics of how to create an animated film using stop motion techniques. Using iStopmotion software, they will create a short animation film with CMA Teaching Artists.

Clay Bar

CMA Teaching Artists will instruct your team members on creating different themed figurines out of modeling clay. Groups will learn about the patience & detail needed to create 3D works. Figures can be made individually, or tableaux can be created.

 Fine Arts

CMA Teaching Artists will instruct your team members in a project, such as screenprinting or printmaking. Your team members will learn the essentials of creating decorative tote bags, prints, or murals painted in the style of a famous artist.


Prices start at $85 per person, with a minimum of 10 participants per booking. Catering and refreshments are available by arrangement.

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