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CMA’s free Community Programs, designed to strengthen childhood development and family bonds, served 57,044 individuals last year, a 31% increase over the prior year. 


“Young people who participate in the arts are more likely to read for pleasure nearly twice as often; perform community service more than four times as often; and have better school attendance than their peers.”

— Arts USA

CMA’s location at 103 Charlton Street in SoHo serves as a hub for programs that take place throughout the five boroughs of New York City. 

“Beyond having great value in and of themselves, the arts promote the health and well-being of children, including academic and personal growth, critical thinking and analytical skills, and the motivation to stay in school and excel.”

— Center for Arts Education

“The arts are a major area of human cognition, one of the ways in which we know about the world and express our knowledge. Much of what is said in the arts cannot be said in another way. To withhold artistic means of understanding is as much a malpractice as to withhold mathematics.”

— Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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