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Lynn Roselli

Senior stART Teaching Artist

Lynn grew up in Long Island, New York. She received her Masters degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Queens College and has extensive experience in the field of Art Education.

One of her favorite moments as a teacher was being able to work with middle school students at Lorraine Hansberry Academy, creating murals to enhance the school’s appearance. She worked with at-risk students to successfully plan and create a 17’x16 mural. It ended with a celebration that included the parents, students, faculty and the community.

She is a self-taught artist who continually works at her craft. She has a deep love and spiritual connection to trees which is well-rooted (pun intended) in her childhood. Throughout her childhood, the backyard tree was a source of adventure, creativity, and friendship. This love has affected her current work as she seeks to lessen her personal impact on the environment.

Her lifelong dream is to go on a safari in Africa. To learn more, visit