CMA Stories

CMA will be celebrating Lunar New Year during our NYC Cultural Festival on Sunday, January 26, which will spotlight the traditional and contemporary arts of Chinatown. Read more

Learn how to create your own nature tiered structure inspired by our new exhibition! Read more

Are children the original outsider artists? Learn more about outsider art and visit CMA's exhibition at the Outsider Art Fair this weekend. Read more

Artist Todd Hido, known for his ghostly portraits of suburban homes, chats with CMA about Raymond Carver, spectral lighting, and what home means to him. Read more

Get to know artist Ann Toebbe, whose meticulously detailed paintings of home interiors provide endless fascination in our latest exhibition, Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary?, on view through May in the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery. Read more

Our neighborhood Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger of Hudson Park Library shares her January Reading List inspired by the greatest city in the world — New York City! Read more

6 Fun Facts About Crickets!

Follow your ears upstairs to CMA's Bridge to view our latest installation — a live cricket farm! Did you know that these tiny critters may hold the key to a sustainable food source for the future? Click through to find out why! Read more

CMA is pleased to announce the election of three new members to the Board of Directors: Alexandra Sorokolit Frankel, Rico Gatson, and Katherine Salyi. Read more

How can a special gift from a public art organization inspire thoughts surrounding folklore, storytelling, urban art, and digital art? Our CIVICKIDS partner Condorens Preschool shares their thoughts in a guest blog post. Read more

On weekdays through the end of December, Teaching Artist Carmen Recio leads a Botanical Soft Sculpture workshop in the gallery, highlighting that home can be more than just the building we live in — home can be our daily surroundings and the natural world around us. Read more

CMA Teaching Artist Tahmina Norin Sharmin celebrates her fourth year of managing CMA's Art-Making Booth at the Union Square Holiday Market! Learn about how an after school art program set Norin on a path to become an artist, her love of CMA's Cultural Festivals, and her favorite reactions to the booth's fuzzy interior. Read more

Artist Tom Fruin, whose Color Study sculptures are on view in our latest exhibition, discusses discarded materials as tools for art-making, the importance of architectural scale, and his personal relationship between "home" and "quilt." Read more

What do meatballs, socks, and Edgar Allan Poe have in common? Bettina Harriman and Jaclyn Harte, the team behind inclusive resource RepurposeU, sit down for a generous interview in advance of their sock-making workshop on December 19. Read more

CMA has been located in downtown Manhattan since our founding in 1988, so we know the neighborhood! Learn about our favorite neighborhood spots within walking distance of the museum, including sweet treats at Dominique Ansel Bakery, larger-than-life murals at City-as-School, skyline views at Hudson River Park, and much more. Read more

Just in time for Halloween, our neighborhood Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger shares her October Reading List inspired by our upcoming Indigenous Peoples Cultural Festival. Read more

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