CMA Stories

Meet Lindz Amer (and their best stuffed friend Teddy) of Queer Kid Stuff, an webseries for LGBTQ+ children and their families. Read more

Spend 10 minutes with CMA Teaching Artist Reed Hexamer and learn how you can make your own wheatpaste squid sculpture at home. Read more

Meet CMA-Teaching-Artist-turned-LA-maker Mx. Rich and their new workshop series, Mx. Rich Makes! Read more

Longtime friend of CMA Yung Oh Le Page is sharing How-To-style videos on his YouTube page! Check out his videos and read on for an interview with Yung about his practice as a cardboard artist, his favorite CMA memory (it involves his daughter!), and advice on how to address challenging topics with children. Read more

In advance of Sunday's Indian Cultural Festival, CMA caught up with Teaching Artist Deepti Sunder to learn about her art practice, growing up in Saudi Arabia and India, and how the concept of home influences her work. Read more

Artist Letha Wilson talks with CMA about her love for Joshua Tree National Park, her childhood in Colorado, and how she now considers her studio to be her "home." Read more

Artist Todd Hido, known for his ghostly portraits of suburban homes, chats with CMA about Raymond Carver, spectral lighting, and what home means to him. Read more

Get to know artist Ann Toebbe, whose meticulously detailed paintings of home interiors provide endless fascination in our latest exhibition, Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary?, on view through May in the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery. Read more

On weekdays through the end of December, Teaching Artist Carmen Recio leads a Botanical Soft Sculpture workshop in the gallery, highlighting that home can be more than just the building we live in — home can be our daily surroundings and the natural world around us. Read more

CMA Teaching Artist Tahmina Norin Sharmin celebrates her fourth year of managing CMA's Art-Making Booth at the Union Square Holiday Market! Learn about how an after school art program set Norin on a path to become an artist, her love of CMA's Cultural Festivals, and her favorite reactions to the booth's fuzzy interior. Read more

Artist Tom Fruin, whose Color Study sculptures are on view in our latest exhibition, discusses discarded materials as tools for art-making, the importance of architectural scale, and his personal relationship between "home" and "quilt." Read more

What do meatballs, socks, and Edgar Allan Poe have in common? Bettina Harriman and Jaclyn Harte, the team behind inclusive resource RepurposeU, sit down for a generous interview in advance of their sock-making workshop on December 19. Read more

Artist E.V. Day, whose exhibition at CMA closes this month, shares her thoughts on honoring her feminist heroes, how children can dismantle the glass ceiling, and the challenges and rewards of shattering glass in her studio. Read more

Artist Rico Gatson, whose new installation at CMA opens this month, shares his thoughts on using art to facilitate challenging conversations with children, his admiration of Billie Holiday, and his family's ongoing relationship with the museum. Read more

CMA chats with the Climate Museum, the first museum in the U.S. dedicated to the climate crisis, about their public programming for children and families, how to talk to children about climate change, and their strategy for engaging visitors of all ages. Read more

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