CMA Stories

Use CMA's Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore the wonders of our natural world. Read more

You can often find Teaching Artist Ian Faria behind the Clay Bar! Read on as Ian shares his two favorite at-home art projects. Read more

A seasoned musician, actor, educator (and leader of CMA Live's Music Time With Tom!), CMA Director of Early Education Tom Burnett compiles of his favorite art projects for early learners. Read more

Use CMA's Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore art-making techniques such as printmaking, collaging, and painting using basic art materials. Read more

Bring the zoo indoors by following along with our step-by-step instructions for creating your own clay penguin and alligator. Read more

Take advantage of downtime on the weekends with creative projects that the whole family can do together. Read more

CMA's video art lessons bring arts education directly into your home, on your own time! Read more

Using simple drawing materials, these fun art activities allow children to investigate how simple lines and shapes can turn into interesting works of art. Read more

It's fun and easy to make a face mask for yourself, your child, or someone you love. Read more

Try your hand at being an Exhibition Designer, Curator, Preparator, and much more with these five projects for turning your home into an art museum. Read more

These simple and fun art prompts are a great way to use household materials for creative art-making. Read more

Creating a virtual thank you note for essential workers is a fun, creative way to support the workers who are helping us through this challenging time. Read more

Spend 10 minutes with CMA Teaching Artist Reed Hexamer and learn how you can make your own wheatpaste squid sculpture at home. Read more

Meet CMA-Teaching-Artist-turned-LA-maker Mx. Rich and their new workshop series, Mx. Rich Makes! Read more

Bring the magic of stART Studio into your own home with two creative art projects from Teaching Artist Lynn Roselli. Read more

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