CMA Stories

What is craftivism? Our friends at the Children's Museum of Art and Social Justice in Chicago explore the topic in their current "Heart Felt and Sew Kind" exhibition. Check out some photos and projects from the March 8th opening! Read more

March Reading List

Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger of NYPL's Hudson Park branch shares her Reading List for the month of March! Read more

How-To: Collage Who You Are

This March, CMA is exploring identity through art making! Who are we but what we like? Our identities can be influenced by always having an open mind and being receptive to the beauty around us. Read more

CMA had a Postcard Party with our featured partner of January, the Knoxville Museum of Art. Check out what these kids had to say! Read more

February’s Reading List

Check out our February Reading List from Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger of the Hudson Park Library! Read more

This February, CMA is exploring kindess through art making! We are interwoven and connected by our thoughts and actions, and the kinder ones make our connections even stronger. We can visualize this connection and strength with our Paper Chain of Kindness! Read more

Public art advocate and Queens Democratic County Committee member Nora Gomez-Strauss is hosting Story Time at our NYC Cultural Festival this Sunday, January 27 at 11 am. Learn more about her work! Read more

What Will You Write on Your Postcard?

CMA's CIVICKIDS project for January is Postcard Party, a good opportunity to do some research with your child identifying civic and cultural leaders in your community. What will you write on your postcard? Read more

Artist Brian Dettmer is featured in our current exhibition, A Way With Words: The Power and Art of the Book. Learn more about his work! Read more

January’s Reading List

Did you know Children's Librarian Kristy Raffensberger of the Hudson Park Library creates a Reading List for CMA each month? Read more

Alongside CMA and CIVICKIDS partners worldwide, the KHOJ Museum examined Histories and Traditions in December. Check out their month of programming! Read more

How-To: Postcard Party

This January, CMA is exploring leadership through art making! Sending a letter to an elected official is a surefire way to make your voice heard! Artists have an advantage—they know how to make their letters and postcards the most eye-catching! How will you get your elected official’s attention, and what will you say? Read more

Check out some of our highlights from our time at the Union Square Holiday Market this year! Read more

CMA's CIVICKIDS project for December is Cardboard Story Wheels, a great way to teach children about taking on different points of view. CMA Teaching Artists share two ways to modify Cardboard Story Wheels for different ages and settings. Read more

Knoxville Museum of Art Teaching Artist Colleen Thornbrugh reflects on using CIVICKIDS projects in their community schools' programming. Read more

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