CMA Stories

How-To: Nature Tiered Structures

Learn how to create your own nature tiered structure inspired by our new exhibition! Read more

August's digital challenge is Face the Future. Show off your creation and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

July's digital challenge is Protector Shields. Show off your shield and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

June's digital challenge is Upcycled Viewfinders. Show us your viewfinder and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

May's digital challenge is DIY Noisemakers. Celebrate the power of art! Use these DIY Noisemakers to create joy with friends, family, and fellow artists. Show us your noisemaker and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS! Read more

Last year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles, but only recycled 38. What else can we do with this pesky yet ubiquitous piece of trash? Show us your creativity as you transform your bottle, then tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS! Read more

How-To: Collage Who You Are

This March, CMA is exploring identity through art making! Who are we but what we like? Our identities can be influenced by always having an open mind and being receptive to the beauty around us. Read more

This February, CMA is exploring kindess through art making! We are interwoven and connected by our thoughts and actions, and the kinder ones make our connections even stronger. We can visualize this connection and strength with our Paper Chain of Kindness! Read more

How-To: Postcard Party

This January, CMA is exploring leadership through art making! Sending a letter to an elected official is a surefire way to make your voice heard! Artists have an advantage—they know how to make their letters and postcards the most eye-catching! How will you get your elected official’s attention, and what will you say? Read more

This December, CMA is exploring histories & traditions through art making! Sometimes telling our stories may come from a different perspective than we normally realize. All it takes is to look at what may seem random and make sense of it! Read more

CMA's CIVICKIDS project for November is a fun, silly Drawing Game, perfect for family time over the holidays. Our ARTogether Facilitators share two more collaborative drawing games to try at home. Read more

How-To: The Drawing Game

This November, CMA is exploring equity through art making! How do you define community? Get to know your community through this fun, easy game! Read more

In a special How-To in October's month of celebrating Environmentalism, we've teamed up with Ishizaka Group to make Floating Houses! Read more

This October, CMA is exploring environmentalism through art making! What do you care most about? Share it with a DIY planter you can create with this simple how-to project. Read more

How-To: Yarn Animals

We are bringing you a new How-To Tuesdays! Today we are sharing how to make fuzzy yarn animals! Read more

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