CMA Stories

CMA and WNET team up for Camp TV, a new one-hour public television series that brings the day camp experience to children nationwide. Read more

Let's go to space! Explore this week's How-To Projects. Read more

From tie-dye flowers to upcycled kites, learn five simple art projects you can do at home. Read more

Revisit some of CMA's favorite How-To projects from our CIVICKIDS campaign. Read more

Get creative with these six How-To Videos for at-home art-making! Read more

Check out this week's How-To Videos for creative at-home art projects! Read more

From painting with golf balls to creating eco-friendly puppets, CMA shares 6 family-friendly art projects to do at home.
Read more

With children and families home from school, CMA jumps to the rescue with our treasure trove on easy-to-follow How-To Videos showcasing fun art projects using household materials. Read more

How-To: Nature Tiered Structures

Learn how to create your own nature tiered structure inspired by our new exhibition! Read more

How-To: Face the Future

August's digital challenge is Face the Future. Show off your creation and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

July's digital challenge is Protector Shields. Show off your shield and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

June's digital challenge is Upcycled Viewfinders. Show us your viewfinder and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS to be added to our digital collection! Read more

May's digital challenge is DIY Noisemakers. Celebrate the power of art! Use these DIY Noisemakers to create joy with friends, family, and fellow artists. Show us your noisemaker and tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS! Read more

Last year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles, but only recycled 38. What else can we do with this pesky yet ubiquitous piece of trash? Show us your creativity as you transform your bottle, then tag it with #CMACIVICKIDS! Read more

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