CMA Stories

Enjoy an at-home art project inspired by CMA 2021 Art Auction artist Faith Ringgold. Read more

Although we can't experience CMA in-person at the moment, we can reflect on our favorite CMA exhibitions and use inquiry-based methods to examine artworks. Read more

Do you have a favorite past exhibition at CMA? Bring the classroom into your home by examining popular artworks from past exhibitions using critical thinking skills! Read more

CMA's video art lessons bring arts education directly into your home, on your own time! Read more

As we all spend more time at home, investigate how different artists think about what home means to them. Read more

Looking closely at works of art allows children to make observations and opens their imaginations to creatively interpret what they see. Read more

You may recognize Lucia Hierro's artwork from our current Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary? exhibition. Familiarize yourself with Lucia's artwork and try your hand at creating your own! Read more

Use CMA's Look Make Share pedagogy to explore artworks from our Permanent Collection. Read more

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