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5 Fun Facts About Walker, Children’s Museum of the Arts’ Resident Puppet Artist!

Have you noticed a friendly fluffy fellow popping up in our videos lately? Meet Walker, resident puppet artist and project of Artist-Educator in Residence Frank Traynor. Walker is a video artist from South Florida who loves swimming under waterfalls, listening to The Shaggs, and watching old Martin Margiela shows on YouTube —  ideally all in one day! He is also a lover of pumpkins, turtles, and he’ll even teach you a few puppetry tips if you’re willing.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Walker created a few special valentines for us highlighting all of his favorite things. He even shared a few fun facts about his art for inspiration!

1. Walker loves trilobites (extinct marine arthropods), fossils, and collecting old rocks.

2. Walker has been making video art for years, but just had his first art show just last year — an exhibition of graphite rubbings of trilobites.

3. Walker loves swimming under waterfalls and jumping off rocks into water.

4. Walker’s favorite flower is a yellow kangaroo paw and his favorite singer is Jimmy Durante.

5. Walker has been making puppet videos for Children’s Museum of the Arts using socks, peanuts, pumpkins and sea sponges!

Bring your valentine to a specially-marked drop-off box at Hudson Square Pharmacy located at 345 Hudson Street (around the corner from CMA!) through February 28. Valentines will be displayed in CMA’s front window for all to see. Can’t make it in-person? Submit your child’s creations here or use the hashtag #CMAVDAY when sharing on your own socials. To participate, follow along on social media at @CMAinNYC and @HudsonSquareNYC and sign up for CMA’s mailing list for projects and inspiration.


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