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5 More Inquiry-Based Questions for CMA’s Home Sweet Home Exhibition

As we all spend more time at home, investigate how different artists think about what home means to them. Look closely at each artwork from Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary? and use it as inspiration for creative discussions and art-making with your family! Share any artwork you create with us using the hashtag #cmanychallenge.

Day 1: Emilie Clark

Artist Emilie Clark used objects in her home, workspace, and in nature to create this sculpture and portable research station. Look closely at this artwork. What do you see? What objects do you recognize? If you created a research station, what would you include? Would you include items from home, from school, or from nature?

Day 2: Ann Toebbe

Artist Ann Toebbe recreates homes based on the personal connections she has with friends and family. Examine her pieces carefully. What can we learn about her family and friends through her artwork? Think of a special person in your life. Why are they special to you? Now imagine creating a safe and happy space for them. What does it look like? Would you include their favorite foods or activities you could do together? Design a home for your special person and share it with us!

Day 3: Lucia Hierro

In this piece, artist Lucia Hierro explores the many stories, objects, and people that make-up her memory of home. What things or objects do you see? Are they big or small? Do they look realistic or are they more abstract? Why do you think the artist included these objects? What do we learn about the artist from her work?

Day 4: Todd Hido

Photographer Tom Hido uses the memory of his childhood to guide his photography and capture his feeling of home in suburban America. We can be reminded of a memory by experiencing a similar sense, like hearing our favorite song or the smell of crisp fall leaves. If you could step inside these images, what would you hear in these photographs? What would you smell or taste? What objects could you touch and feel?

Day 5: Tom Fruin

In his ICON series, artist Tom Fruin creates sculptures that personify a city or place. He often uses reclaimed or recycled materials, making sure the sculptures are created from items of the city itself. Look closely at these sculptures. What do you think they are made out of? How is this building or structure used in a city? Can you make a sculpture of your home out of recycled materials? Share it with us using the hashtag #cmanychallenge.

While our doors are closed, CMA is here for you and your family with at-home art projects to keep children entertained and engaged. However, every day we’re closed puts the future of CMA in further jeopardy.

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