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6 Artists Whose Work at CMA is Positively Changing the World … and How You Can Help!

CMA’s annual Art Auction and Gala on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 celebrates the artists, patrons, and organizations that have made CMA one of New York City’s best children’s museums for the past 30 years! This event raises critical funds for CMA’s Community Programs, which bring the transformative power of art to underserved families throughout New York City, including children with disabilities, students in Title 1 schools, families navigating the NYC child welfare system, and more. 

Below, discover six past and present exhibiting artists at CMA who have generously donated artwork to this year’s auction. Place your bid via Artsy starting on October 23 and help us change the future of arts education!

Ian Berry

In 2018, British artist Ian Berry constructed The Secret Garden in CMA’s Bridge, an installation made entirely of repurposed jeans, jackets, and other denim clothing. Berry’s work highlights how unused or discarded clothing can be repurposed into portraits, urbanscapes, and other scenes from contemporary life. For this year’s Art Auction, Berry donated an individual denim flower from his CMA exhibition — a piece of the Berry’s denim world that you can display in your own home! Bid Now

Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli’s charming photographs of tiny motorcyclists zooming over larger-than-life food landscapes delighted visitors during Scale: Possibilities of Perspective. Inspired by childhood stories and Boffoli’s experience as a food writer, the imaginative world of Clamshell Lovers encourages viewers to reconsider their relationship to food and natural landscapes — and have fun doing it! Bid Now

E.V. Day

For the final exhibition of CMA’s CIVICKIDS anniversary campaign, sculptor E.V. Day presented a gravity-defying exhibition that encouraged viewers to aim high and break through their own invisible barriers. Breaking the Glass Ceiling featured taut strands of monofilament suspended across the ceiling, complemented by large-scale photographs of shattered glass displayed around the gallery’s perimeter. Day’s luminous photograph of a glass shard, on view during the exhibition and available for purchase during CMA’s Art Auction, references cosmic aspirations and the strong desire to achieve something that might feel just outside of one’s reach. Bid Now

Zaria Forman

Included as part of Scale: Possibilities of Perspective, artist Zaria Forman documents climate change with pastel drawings, often traveling to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for her work. A former artist-in-residence aboard the National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica, Forman has flown with NASA on several Operation IceBridge missions over Antarctica, Greenland, and Canada. Her print for this year’s Art Auction, B-15Y Iceberg, Antarctica No. 2, showcases the immensity of glacial landscapes and reminds us of our duty to protect these spaces. Bid Now

Rico Gatson

On view through December 8, 2019, Rico Gatson’s installation You Are Light in the Bridge represents light pictorially as a metaphor or symbol for positive energy, power, and hope for a better future. Expanding upon a Pan African palette of red, black green, yellow, orange, purple, and magenta and featuring Gatson’s signature stripe motif, You Are Light conveys that young artists are our hope for a much brighter future, and their light provides hope for us all. Speaking about Ms Holiday, available to purchase as part of CMA’s Art Auction, Gatson remarks, “Ms. Holiday epitomizes the highest form of art and artistic expression. I, like so many, love her haunting, emotional, vulnerable and generous voice. She had a special gift that inspires me and influences every aspect of my work.” Bid Now

Virginia Wagner

In 2015, Far, Far Away showcased the possibility of alternate worlds, dreamscapes, and imagined landscapes. Brooklyn-based painter Virginia Wagner makes paintings set in zones of conflict between human progress and the natural world. For Tangled, available for purchase during this year’s Art Auction, Wagner draws from her family’s background in biology to observe the psychological and physical effects of our rapidly changing planet. Bid Now

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