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6 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Bowling Alley at Home!

stART Studio Teaching Artist Lynn Roselli offers a fun and easy way to turn upcycled materials into your very own bowling alley — all from the comfort of your home! This project was part of Lynn’s Art Games class last semester.

1. Locate 4-5 empty bottles or cans

2. Decorate the bottles with stickers, markers, and construction paper to create your own unique look. Don’t forget to stuff the bottles with colored paper to add to the festivities!

3. (Adults!) Find an empty cardboard box and remove one of the sides so you are left with three sides and a bottom.

4. Have fun decorating the box, and don’t forget to draw your own lanes!

5. Locate a tennis ball, baseball, or even a piece of fruit to use as a bowling ball

6. Let’s bowl!

While our doors are closed, CMA is here for you and your family with at-home art projects to keep children entertained and engaged. However, every day we’re closed puts the future of CMA in further jeopardy.

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