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6 Fun Facts About Tower of David Museum

CMA’s global network of partners is a crucial component of our CIVICKIDS campaign — this helps us ensure that our CIVICKIDS projects and initiatives reach children worldwide! August’s CIVICKIDS project, Face the Future, is presented in partnership with Tower of David Museum, an archaeological site and center that invites people of all traditions, religions, and abilities to experience the history and culture of Jerusalem, Israel. Check out 6 fun facts about the museum below!

1. CMA and Tower of David Museum are the same age! Both institutions celebrate their 30th birthday this year. As part of their 30th anniversary celebration, Tower of David is hosting CIVICKIDS-inspired activities during The Circus Comes to the Tower on August 19. The activities will challenge and empower the participants both physically and creatively — activities include tight rope walking, juggling, and circus costume-making!

2. The museum is located in the medieval citadel known as the Tower of David in the historic city of Jerusalem. A citadel is a fortress that protects a city. You can get a 360-degree view of Jerusalem from the top of the citadel!

3. In order to prepare the ancient citadel to become a modern museum, archaeologists conducted a large scale restoration of the structure, including restoring the citadel’s guardrooms, crusader hall, and promenades, as well as adding new walking paths to take advantage of the cityscape views.

4. People first began inhabiting Jerusalem in 2000 BC! Using models, dioramas, and films, the museum explores Jerusalem’s history from its ancient origins to the modern day.

5. The museum also stages Night Performances, which combine laser projections and sound to create multi-sensory experiences that use the ancient walls of the citadel as a backdrop.

6. Tower of David Museum has pioneered the use of new and interactive digital technologies to convey the story of Jerusalem, including virtual and augmented reality. The museum’s Innovation Lab is the only space in Israel that boasts a large international visitor base for testing and piloting the development of cultural, educational and tourism experiences via technology.

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This program is supported, in part, by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts with support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. CIVICKIDS is sponsored by Google.


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