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7 CMA Curriculum Guides for At-Home Learning

Keep arts education thriving in your home by following along with our curriculum guides for popular exhibitions at CMA! Created by CMA Teaching Artists in conjunction with arts education professionals, our curriculum guides draw connections between interdisciplinary themes in CMA’s contemporary art exhibits and classroom learning by using contextual information and reflective practices.

1. Sew What?

This exhibition takes textile arts as its starting point and includes contemporary artists whose work transforms the material of fiber. Sew What? revels in the diversity of textiles, and how these materials are transformed through various techniques by contemporary artists.

2. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home

This exhibition takes cartography and mapping as its starting point and includes contemporary artists whose work references maps and mapping.

3. Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away considers the possibility of alternate worlds, dreamscapes and imagined landscapes — places where adventures occur and fantasy takes over.

4. Drawn to Language

In Drawn to Language, words are given visual form. Letters, words, or phrases are transcribed, visualized, verbalized, symbolized, morphed into patterns, scrambled, or even erased.

5. Cabinets of Curiosity

Cabinets of Curiosity encourages viewers to consider their own habits of collecting, whether is it clay bar figures or stamps.

6. Pixelated: Sum of Its Pieces

Pixelated: Sum of its Pieces brings together emerging and mid-career artists whose work explores different means of perception.

7. Tweet

The artworks included in Tweet come from a similar starting point – that of careful observation of nature, specifically of birds.

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