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Arya’s Boot House

Young artist Arya is also a budding writer and architect. After writing a book, “World of Wisdom,” which is now available on Amazon, Arya wanted to create a three-dimensional model of the boot-shaped Montana homestead where the main character, Grrinsa, lives. With the assistance of teaching artist Anthony Heinz May, Arya translated her fantasy world into a structural model, complete with four floors and a terrarium for plants to grow. The “Boot House” evolved from hand-drawn blueprints into a model personally designed by Arya and crafted over a series of private lessons.

She explains:

“It’s got these solar panels for the entire house.  In the kitchen.. you got chairs, stove and a nice little table.  It connects to the entranceway through the living room.  A nice heated swimming pool that has a setting for foam water so it is nice and bubbly.  It’s got a nice big bed with a mattress that rolls back for maximum comfort. It’s got some cactus, some nice plants.  The sun rises and is a natural alarm clock.”


Using studio architect tools such as T-squares, rulers, compasses, protractors, x acto blades and writing utensils, Arya took Boot House from two-dimensional drawings to three-dimensional structural spaces with cardboard.  Staircases, an elevator and parking garage make the building ADA compliant on all floors, as well perfect navigable space “for lego figurines.”  Other tools Arya used include hand drills, wood clamps, and hand pull saws that helped her enhance hand-eye coordination and to develop better skills of how to successfully build an architectural model of a structure.


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