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Children’s Museum of the Arts Announces Recipients of 2022-23 Residency for Experimental Arts Education

Children’s Museum of the Arts is pleased to announce the selection of three Artist-Educator Residents to participate in the 2022-2023 Residency for Experimental Arts Education Ingrid Romero, Clare Kambhu, and Miguel Braceli. The residency encourages artists to reflect on the efficacy of arts education today while supplying them with the resources they need to catalyze systemic change and reimagine the future of these developments. The 2022 residency cycle will provide the selected artists with physical space, time, financial resources, and professional support to work alongside young artists to develop new methods for arts education, while exposing them to the rich cultural community of New York City. Each Artist-Educator Resident will receive a $50,000 yearly salary with benefits.

CMA’s Artist-Educator Selection Committee — which includes experts in both the arts and education sectors— shares CMA’s belief that cross-generational collaboration plays a vital role in the revitalization and development of culture. The Selection Committee included:

  • Byron Kim, Senior Critic at Yale School of Art and Co-Director of Yale Norfolk School of Art
  • Natalia Nakazawa, Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator
  • Mark Thomas Gibson, Artist and Professor

From the Selection Committee:

“I appreciate that CMA hosts residents as artists AND teachers. It’s rare and important and gets us out of the pernicious cultural habit that we must be either this or that.” — Byron Kim

“The Residency for Experimental Arts Education has the ability to act responsively, in real time, to the quickly changing needs of children, families, and creative communities. It is exciting to support a residency that sees everyone as active participants and change-makers, where artists can benefit from an environment of risk taking and make space for creativity to unfold. It is a type of levity that brings about real meaningful connections for children — and allows them to step into their own power.” — Natalia Nakazawa

“The Children’s Museum of the Arts is a dedicated member of several communities. This institution is showing a commitment to future generations of young artists and educators. By providing an array of arts initiatives to young people they ensure future generations have the opportunity to see how art can in large an individual’s life. When evaluating these amazing qualified candidates it was apparent to me how seriously this institution takes the services they provide as well as to the degree to which these Artist-Educators wish to provide them. This was possibly one of the hardest evaluations I have ever had to make because of how many great people were present. It was an honor to be asked to participate.” — Mark Thomas Gibson

The Artist-Educator Residents represent a diverse range of disciplines, including painting, textile work, drawing, writing, and sculpture. United by a deep commitment to reforming arts education, the Artist-Educator Residents share CMA’s belief that all children are artists and together will help foster a community of experimentation, curiosity, and creativity.

2022-23 Artist-Educator Residents:

  • Clare Kambhu (she/her)
  • Ingrid Romero (they/them)
  • Miguel Braceli (he/him)

From the Artists:

“My work has always had two components: teaching and artmaking. Both are important forms of cultural production that revolve around each other. The Residency for Experimental Arts Education at Children’s Museum of the Arts will allow me to explore those links with my whole person — to examine the ways that childhood structures shape our culture through teaching and painting.” — Clare Kambhu

“Growing up in New York City, I didn’t have much access to art-making or art classes, but that didn’t stop my creativity and love for art. In the 90s, my father worked parking cars in Midtown and handed me an art book someone left behind when I was 6, and that was my prized possession for some time. Now, I am in a residency that allows me to develop myself as an arts practitioner and arts educator, with one of the most unique institutions for contemporary art, specifically for children, in our city. It is a dream and an accomplishment to be considered as one of the Artist-Educators for The Residency for Experimental Arts Education at Children’s Museum of the Arts. Here’s to making art more of a possibility and accessible to all New York City children, and beyond!” — Ingrid Romero

“This residency is an opportunity to expand the possibilities of education as an experimental art practice from the endless creativity of children. Working with kids is an open window to learn directly from the future.” — Miguel Braceli

The selected Artist-Educator Residents will be actively involved in co-research, co-inquiry, and co-reflection with children artists to reimagine arts education. Residents will be overseen by CMA’s Producer Tommy Coleman, who brings experience as an artist and educator at The Cooper Union and Yale University. Residents will have a hand in developing in-person public programs, participate in professional development opportunities, design and implement studio-based and online courses for children ages 6-12, and partner with various NYC institutions to create public engagement opportunities across the city. Learn more about the CMA Residency for Experimental Arts Education here.

Top Image, Left to Right: Ingrid Romero, Clare Kambhu, and Miguel Braceli

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