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CIVICKIDS Through the Ages

Pictured Above: Swimming Contest by Witty Huang, Age 8, USA/Taiwan

CMA proudly holds one of the world’s largest collections of children’s art in the world, totaling over 2,000 works of art! In 1990, CMA put out a worldwide call for children’s art from around the world. Artwork arrived from over 50 countries! The submissions resulted in a traveling exhibition, A Child’s World, at A.I.R. Gallery in Soho in January 1991. The artworks were later digitally archived and uploaded to CMA’s Flickr for everyone to see. 

Even though our CIVICKIDS campaign wraps up this month, the monthly themes explored during the campaign — kindness, sustainability, empowerment, identity, and more — can be found in CMA’s Permanent Collection. Take a look back through our archive and join the conversation using the hashtag #CMACIVICKIDS!

September: Civic Engagement: Speak Up, Speak Out

Unknown Artist

October: Environmentalism: Save Our Planet! 

My Sister at Work by Kalsang Yanzom, Age 11, India/Tibet

Untitled by Apple Ageana, Age 12

After the Rain, the Sun Shines Again by Hennie Brandt, Namibia

November: Equity: Include Everyone

Games – A Participation for All by Pema Zomkey, Age 12, India/Tibet

From the 9/11 Collection by Unknown Artist, USA

December: Histories and Traditions: Share Your Story

Our National Day, 17 May by Helene Skoglund, Norway

Indonesian Dance, Patricia Esquivais, Age 11, Spain

January: Leadership: Take a Stand

Mother’s Child, Saji, Age 11, India

Fisherman by Jasper Bailey, Age 9, Liberia

February: Kindness: Be Kind

Life by Kirin Gill, Age 7, India/Britain

Life by Tallie Lieberman, Age 9, India/USA

Io e Mio Cugino Francesco sul Prato by Giada Merri, Italy

March: Identity: Be Yourself

Ethiopian Woman Making Her Wedding Basket by Nejib Mohammed, Age 10, Ethiopia

Unknown Artist

April: Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Create

Fresh Breeze of Spring by Toufic Bawab, Age 11, Lebanon

Untitled by Imad Mikkaus, 2nd Grade

Untitled by Shirley Victorio, Age 15, USA

May: Celebration: Create Joy

Sevillianas by Frank Hartong, Age 11, Spain

June: Reflection: Listen, Look, Learn

Untitled by Apple Algaram, Age 12, Phillipines

Peace Time Beirut by Daniel Dadoyan, Age 12, Lebanon

From the 9/11 Collection: Different by Rachel Yoes, USA

July: Compassion: Help Others

Life by Hannah Stokes, Age 10, India/Britain

Love is Happiness by Christina Lloyd

August: Empowerment: Make Art. Make a Difference.

Rope Jumping by Katherine Ghi, USA

Rocket Ship by Nicholas Brown, China

View the entire Permanent Collection here!

This program is supported, in part, by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts with support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. CIVICKIDS is sponsored by Google.


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