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Daily Drawing Challenge Inspired by Yoko Ono

CMA’s Fine Arts Manager Tara Foley shares and illustrates a series of daily instructional art activities written in the spirit of Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono. Often considered a Fluxus artwork, the book contains poetic instructions that encourage the reader to interact with the world around them in new and whimsical ways. Don’t forget to show us what you come up with using the hashtag #cmanychallenge!

Day 1

Draw an imaginary map. Put a mark, star sticker, or a tack on the map where you want to go.

Day 2

Look out the window. Imagine the clouds in the sky dripping and melting, like ice cream on a hot day. Next, imagine everything out the window you are looking at starting to melt. Draw what you see in your mind.

Day 3

Create a picture in your mind of an imagined or real place you want to go. Construct a key that opens a door to that place. The key can be made from anything: cut paper, paper towel rolls, cardboard, whatever you like.







Day 4

Draw a pattern on a piece of paper. Cover the entire page with the pattern. Repeat as many times as you like. Tape them all together or attach them together using any materials you have around the house, such as a stapler or a hole punch with string. Put your finished pattern piece on the floor like a new rug in your house. Don’t be afraid to step on it!

Day 5

Play a song you really enjoy listening to. Close your eyes. What images come to your mind? Draw what you see.

Day 6

Who are you? Make a drawing of the things that best define who you are at this present moment.

While our doors are closed, CMA is here for you and your family with at-home art projects to keep children entertained and engaged. However, every day we’re closed puts the future of CMA in further jeopardy.

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