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How-To: Eco-Friendly Puppets

In this workshop, we’ll create our own expressive puppets using found and recycled materials. Give your puppet a personality for lots of pretend fun!

What you’ll need:

bamboo skewer
brass fastener
found and recycled materials
hole punch
masking tape
pipe cleaners


  1. fold a piece of 6″ x 12″ cardstock in half.

2. Next, fold both ends to the middle to create an accordion fold. This will become the head.

3. Tape two small strips of cardstock onto the two middle sections for your fingers to operate the puppet’s mouth. 

4. Next cut out a body shape. The shape is up to you, but take into consideration you will be adding arms and legs.  

5. Cut out the arms and legs, which should include hands and feet. The amount of detail is entirely up to you. Use the hole punch and brass fasteners to connect the arms and legs onto the body. The body should also be connected to the head in the same way. 

6. On the back of one of the hands, tape the pointy end of a bamboo skewer so you can operate one of the arms.

7. Now add your various found materials to create eyes, hair, clothing, etc. Give your character a voice and funny gestures as it speaks and interacts with others! Telling people facts about the environment is a fun way to educate people!

Share your puppet with us using #sharewithCMA! How-To Tuesdays are published on our blog every other week, so check back soon for a new project!

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