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Get Spooky with Four Halloween Art Projects from Ciana Malchione!

From Witch’s Cauldron Prints to Monster Parts Collage Kit, Artist-Educator in Residence Ciana Malchione shares spooky Halloween  art projects for the whole family to enjoy. While the museum is closed to the public, CMA’s inaugural cohort of Artist-Educators in Residence are turning the museum into their individual art studios as they develop The Look Make Show, the first digital commons of child-centered on-demand arts education. Find your favorite project below!

1. Make Bubble Prints With a Witch!

2. Make Magic with Invisible Ink

3. Make a DIY Monster

Download Here

4. Which Witch Will Get the Sandwich?

Download Here

Follow along with Ciana at @cianamacaroni and @look_make_show

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