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How-To: Make Your Own Paper

Paper is one of many amazing materials that is 100 percent recyclable. You can make your own paper at home with just a few paper scraps and a couple of tools. We’ll walk you through the simple process and even show you how to make a DIY writing utensil to go with your new paper in today’s How-To Tuesday.

*Note: This project works best if you can leave your paper to dry overnight before drawing on it.

What you’ll need:

paper scraps
plastic bin
screen (a window screen from Home Depot works fine)
wax paper


1. Rip up your recycled paper into small pieces and place them in your blender. You want about half of your blender full of ripped paper.

2. Add a bit of water (enough to where it will blend smoothly, but you eventually will want to get rid of the water, so you don’t want it too watery) and blend the paper into a smooth pulse.

3. Pour out the blended paper onto your screen and press the water through the screen and into the bin.

4. Flip your strained paper onto the wax paper and set aside to dry. It is best to leave it overnight.

5. In the meantime, use a box cutter to whittle a point on your stick.

6. When your paper has dried, you can know draw on it. Dip your whittled stick into the ink and draw a map of a place that you love. It could be a park nearby your house, your neighborhood, or an imaginary city.

Share your new paper and drawings with us using #sharewithCMA! How-To Tuesdays are published on our blog every other week, so check back soon for a new project!

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