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How-To: Yarn Animals

In this workshop, we’ll transform animal toys into colorful, fuzzy characters! You’ll need small plastic toy animals, which you might have around the house, or you can get at a dollar store!

What you’ll need:

plastic toy animals
strips of fabric


  1. Choose what type of animal you want to wrap in yarn. Begin wrapping the body with different colors of yarn and strips of fabric.

2. Create miniature pom-poms to puff off the body as well. Wrap a good amount of yarn around the prongs of a fork.

3. Once you have a thick amount of yarn wrapped around the fork, tie a piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn to secure it. It should look like a little bow. 

4. Cut the wrapped yarn at the crease, so it no longer is a circle but rather has lots of loose ends coming from the middle.

5. Fluff it out to become a pom-pom and attach it to the animal! Play with color and pattern as you wrap the yarn and fabric around the animal.

6. Choose another animal and wrap that one! Soon you will have a little village of animals. How does the yarn and fabric transform the way you see the animal?

Share your animals with us using #sharewithCMA! How-To Tuesdays are published on our blog every other week, so check back soon for a new project!

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