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An interview with Artist Katie Rodgers

Painter Katie Rodgers’ work is inspired by the movements and beauty of dance, featuring lots of color and and organic shapes. In November, Katie joined our inclusive class for children with physical disabilities to lead an animation workshop where the class painted creatures that then went on a journey through outer space. We asked Katie to reflect on the workshop and tell us a little more about her artistic process. Check out her answers below.

Could you tell us about your artistic practice? I work as a fine artist, often collaborating with fashion, beauty, and tech brands. Much of my work is centered around the idea of dance- adding a mysterious whimsy to painted figures. I often translate my works from paper to digital mediums and often animate them to give them life.

How did you come up with the workshop that you led for CMA’s inclusive class? I wanted to do something simple, but something that they had to use their imagination for. We know little about space and ‘space creatures’ so I thought it would be a nice way to have them play and come up with things they had little to reference. I wanted them all to start building the space creatures with the same shape (a circle) so that we could clearly see how different each child’s imagination was when they all began from the same place!

What did you enjoy most about the workshop/Were there any memorable or inspiring moments? I had never worked with an inclusive class before, and it was very inspiring. I think what I noticed the most, is that none of the kids were concerned with what the others were doing. They were so focused on bringing their own unique visions to life! I really appreciated that because often we can get wrapped up in what others are doing and compare ourselves before we’ve had a chance to create whatever is inside of our minds.

What is your favorite memory of making art as a child?
So many! My most vivid childhood memories are of when I was creating art. One of my favorite memories was going in the forest next to the house I grew up in and finding these large mounds of lush green moss. I would create worlds there and revisit them every day – building little homes and ‘moss trees’ with mushrooms and sticks and anything I could find. I loved those quiet times of building my make-believe worlds.

Click here to view the video they made!

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