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Introducing Mishou Magazine, An All-Ages Art Publication

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Mishou Magazine, an all-ages art publication from Dizzy Books, that acknowledges the importance of early childhood education and aims to validate children’s identities as individuals and artists. To celebrate the magazine launch, we are hosting a launch party with The New Now founder Kim Hastreiter, free and open to the public, at the alcove opposite the playground in Washington Square Park on Sunday, June 13 from 11 AM to 3 PM. Mishou will provide snacks, chalk, and complimentary copies of the magazine for all.

Mishou highlights work by artists ages 15 and under, featuring collaborations between generations and interactive activities. The first issue is centered around the theme of “Stone Soup,” inspired by the eponymous folktale about coming together as a community to help one another. Activities include designing your own written language with artist Aidan Koch, creating art prints with food scraps, “Find the Difference,” and a maze on the back cover by New Yorker illustrator Joana Avillez. The issue also includes contributions by young artists living on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, a family of artists in Hong Kong, submissions by children all around the world, and much more. The publication seeks to aid in visible diversity and inclusivity, socio-political awareness, and exposure to the art world in an accessible way for children.

Each issue of Mishou has seven sections: Then & Now, which features an adult artists’ work next to their work as a child; Program Highlight, where readers can learn about programs and organizations that focus on making art accessible to children; Family, showing an intergenerational group of artists with ideas and examples for the reader’s own family art projects; Interact, a section featuring mazes, puzzles and prompts for readers, created by professional artists; Picture Book Collaborations, which pair young artists with adult artists for collaboration; Submissions, in which artists ages 15 and under respond to a prompt related to the general theme of the issue; and Dizzy Dollhouse, which features an artist working in 3-D (sculpture, doll-making, etc.). Lastly, the first issue includes a bonus section, which includes a selection of art book recommendations for kids, curated by Childish Books.

Mishou will be available for purchase on CMA’s website and at select locations throughout New York City, including Printed Matter, McNally Jackson, Mast Books, Miriam Gallery, Salter House, in addition to magCulture in London.

Contributors: Joana Avillez, Aidan Koch, Maggie Lee, Kayla Ephros, Jen Shear, Genesis Evans, Jasmin Flores, Yoma Ru Smith, Kataoka Meriyasu, Lydia, Childish Books, Artists from RezHeartwork (Jade, Julie, McKaylee), “cowrice” (Grace, Philip, Sum Ying, Ying Ying), Nima Lee Sutherland, Jaiden Evans, Eta, Lowe, Bo, Pedro, Fabian, Lylah, Maxine, Chow, Issa, Andre, Aaliyah, Niagara, Malcolm, Derya, Lux, Nolawit, and Nir.

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