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Summer Art Colony Update: June 24-28, 2019

Drawesome! @ CMA

Young artists explored a range of techniques and materials using ink, marker, pencil, and cut paper to expand their notions of what drawing can be. Students began the week by creating ink drawings inspired by the works of Sarah Maycock. They explored mark-making and line using marker and charcoal and created self portraits in pencil that celebrated their individuality. Studying the works of Keith Haring, they developed original designs and patterns. Towards the end of the week, students brought their sketchbooks to Pier 40 to practice observational drawing outside! For their culminating project, they created a large-scale collaborative cityscape using mixed media techniques.

Intro to Stop Motion @ CMA

Young designers have been creating their own stop motion animations, taking their ideas from concept drawings to final digitized versions using iStopMotion software. Students began by learning about the history of animation and viewing examples of different types of animations, such as Fantastic Mr. Fox and Gumby. They designed characters and settings using clay, cut paper, and drawing, and considered how their designs would look translated to a screen. Working collaboratively, students took their original ideas and used iStopMotion software to bring their stories to life!

Beyond the Portfolio @ CMA

Young artists experimented with a range of art-making techniques and materials to expand their portfolios, visited galleries in Chelsea, and continued to develop their own unique artistic voices. Students worked with collage, acrylic paint, linoleum, and monotype printmaking techniques to design and execute self portraits. Next, they visited James Cohan Gallery and C24 Gallery in Chelsea, where they drew inspiration from the range of unconventional and original processes and materials on display.

Epic Adventure! @ Governors Island

Students have been collaborating on one epic film and wearing many hats in order to make the film come to life! Everyone in this class is an actor, cinematographer, animator, and set and costume designer. During pre-production, students created character designs, storyboards, and scripts for the film. Students took a scouting trip around the island to find locations for filming, and decided on parts of the house that will also feature in the film. We are now in full production mode, capturing shots at our various locations and finishing up animated sequences.

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