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A Look at YAK’s Spring 2018 Projects

As the school year comes to a close, so does our semester of Young Artist Kollective, our after school mentorship program for tweens age 12 – 15. Our last YAK event will be this Sunday, June 10. Young Artists are invited to contribute to a Keith Haring-Inspired Interactive Project, click here to RSVP!

This spring, YAK tweens have been busy learning various techniques and experimenting with process based work. As a group, YAK was drawn to printmaking and the process of unveiling a print. To really dig into these processes we experimented with a variety of printing methods including lino cut, stamping, and monotype, which led to collage and image transfers. The group was able to create connections between these printmaking processes and our Bridge Installation Artist Elissa Levy’s plaster process. The process of putting the images on the plaster rocks was similar to printing or creating an image transfer, and students really enjoyed learning a new method of making directly from the artist. Check out the photos!

Interested in learning more about our YAK members? We sat down with Kaylee Louima, a YAK member since 2016, to learn about why she joined, her artistic process, and how she gets inspired.

  1. Why did you want to join YAK?

I’ve been a member of YAK since June 2016, almost two years. I had a few friends who attended the class. They invited me to try it out for a day. I fell in love with the open creative space YAK provided.

  1. Tell us about your artistic practice. What materials do you like to use, what subjects interest you, etc:

I love to experiment with different materials! I like to use fabric, watercolor paint, and even digital art software. I also like to play around with the idea of color theory. It’s cool to learn about what colors pop more to the human eye. I use that knowledge in my artwork.

  1. Tell us about the project you’re working on at the moment:

I just finished working on an 80’s inspired mood board. I’ve done a lot of digital art and advertisements recently. Who knows what fun project I’ll be doing next!

  1. How do you think people will interact with your artwork?

I like to make fun artwork. Bright visuals and light meanings inspire me. I want people to feel happy after viewing my work. I think people will appreciate the bold patterns and textures in my piece!

  1. Who inspires you?

My family inspires me. I have the most kind, funny, generous, and beautiful family. We always have a good time when we’re together. I pull inspiration for my bright and bubbly artwork from them.


Interested in joining YAK or know a teen that would love to join? Our YAK program will start back up again this September. Learn more and register here.

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