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Meet the CMA Teaching-Artists-In-Residence on Governors Island

Whether your child participates in a studio workshop, After School class, Art Colony camp, or drop-in stART session at CMA, he or she has the privilege of working alongside professional Teaching Artists specially trained to introduce children to the transformative power of the arts. Our staff of working artists, each with their own individual studio practices, makes CMA a unique and vibrant space for feedback and dialogue about the arts.

During the month of October, we are opening the doors of our house in Nolan Park on Governors Island to nine CMA Teaching Artists and inviting them to transform each room into a studio to explore their individual practices. In addition, residents are encouraged to collaborate with visitors to our Free Arts Island Outpost weekend workshops. The month-long residency will culminate in open studios and a performance of Larkin Grimm‘s monster opera on Saturday, October 26 at 5pm — we would love to see you there!

Laura Bernstein
Teaching Artist, Fine Arts and Media Lab

Former CMA exhibiting artist Laura Bernstein will further develop her installation Hybrid Ecologies, working with the public to continue to create soundscapes, field recordings, and imaginary languages that draw from the island’s local ecology, as well as the forms of the masks themselves. Laura will also create full body costumes — including wings, capes, feet or shoes, tails, and other hybrid appendages — to complement the masks displayed during her exhibition at CMA.

Tal Eshel
Teaching Artist, Fine Arts

Working across the mediums of video, live performance, sculpture, and installation, Tal Eshel will work on an absurdist podcast and video self-help series derived from meditations, group art practices, dances, and affirmations.

Marissa Goldman
Teaching Artist, Media Lab

Marissa Goldman is an artist, filmmaker, and comedian whose work lands between surrealist films and multimedia performance. During her residency, she will work on the preproduction of her next short film, a series of vignettes featuring a different conversations acted out by comedians, taking place in various miniature sets.

Larkin Grimm
Teaching Artist, Media Lab

An artist and experimental noise / folk musician from Dahlonega, GA, Larkin Grimm will build an analog synthesizer from robotic elements that will create soundtracks for a haunted hallway. Larkin is passionate is demystifying electronic music and putting creative tools into the hands of children.

Jacob Hicks
Teaching Artist, Fine Arts

Jacob Hicks, originally from Texas, uses oil painting to reinterpret art historical portraiture and evaluate personhood, objectification, and iconography. Jacob will work on his current series of 100 female portraits, which began as a protest against the use of misogyny as a political weapon during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Annie Hope
Teaching Artist, Media Lab

Annie Hope is an experimental animator, filmmaker and visual artist from New York. Their residency will conclude with a screening of analog 16mm and digital animations with accompanying soundscapes that aim to unsettle and evoke processes of growth, decay, and regeneration.

Ian Tousius
Lead Fine Arts Teaching Artist and Weekend Supervisor

Queens-born-and-raised multidisciplinary visual artist Ian Tousius will apply thick coats of black paint to transparent and reflective surfaces in order to depict outlandish situations and forms that contrast our accepted reality.

Tahmina Norin Sharmin
Teaching Artist, Fine Arts

Bangladeshi artist Tahmina Norin Sharmin grew up listening to folk music, which is often reflected in her paintings. During her residency on Governors Island, Norin will draw upon her inspirations, including culture, heritage, monuments, beaches, forests, and wildlife, to create acrylic, watercolor, and pen and ink artworks.

Zuzia Weyman
Teaching Artist, Media Lab

Zuzia Weyman will work on performance piece including song, choreography, set pieces, and costumes. Focusing on the malleability of memory, the piece will be performed by 3-6 singers with an electronic backing track.

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