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Meet the Kidpreneur of India’s Italian Ice’s

India Jolie loves ice cream so much, she decided to turn her passion for the sweet treat into a business. With the help of family and friends, India raised enough money last summer to purchase an Italian Ice cart. She launched her business at her family’s Labor Day cookout where she picked up experience in customer service, handling money, and salesmanship. Since then, India has catered events including the Montclair Art Museum Lawn Party, and her school’s Halloween Party. At the moment, India offers four flavors: cherry, lemon, rainbow, and mango. Lucky for us, her icee cart will be at CMA’s second annual Kids Fair on Sunday, May 21, where fairgoers will be able to purchase refreshing Italian ice.

So what does it take to launch a business at the age of five? We found out:

1. When did you first get the idea for India’s Italian Ice?
It was my dream. I love ice cream and icee’s so much! Everyday after school I would ask for money for icee’s from the cart and whenever I heard an ice cream truck I just couldn’t wait to buy something. It’s the happiest job. I told my mom I wanted to be an ice cream seller when I grow up and I wanted my own ice cream truck.

2. Tell us how you took India’s Italian Ice from a dream to a reality.
In a movie they said if you dream about something it has to come true. And my mom said that if I wanted to be an ice cream seller, I had to be the best so that everyone would buy my ice cream. I asked for an ice cream truck but my mom said I needed to start with an icee cart. So we made a video and raised money from family and friends to buy the cart. We sold icee’s at my family’s Labor Day cookout, the Montclair Museum of Art Lawn Party and at my school’s Halloween Party. Everyone helps. My big brother Cuba is very good with money, my little brother Morocco is good at tasting, and when there are long lines my dad, mom, or uncle help scoop.

3. What most excites you about bringing your business to CMA’s Kids Fair?
To sell my icee’s and make people happy!

4. I saw on your website that you decorated the cart yourself, do you enjoy making art, and if so what is your favorite type of art to create?
I do really like art and decorating things. I love making rainbows, that’s my favorite

5. What are your plans for the future of India’s Italian Ice? Can we find you at another event this summer?
I still really want an ice cream truck! I am going to sell enough Icee’s to go to sleep away college. We will be at the New York French American Charter school multicultural festival on May 20th and are planning to find some other fun events in New York and New Jersey this summer.

6. Do you have any advice for other kids aspiring to be entrepreneurs?
First you have to ask your mom. You have to dream big and then do it and make it happen. And you can start small.

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