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All About Teaching Artist Jacob Hicks!

Jacob Hicks, originally from Texas, uses oil painting to reinterpret art historical portraiture and evaluate personhood, objectification, and iconography. His art has been widely exhibited, most recently with Art Miami and the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art and published in compendiums by Rizzoli Press and The Wild Magazine. He has taught for West Nottingham Academy, New York Art Studio, and Manhattan Youth.

Tell us about your artistic practice and how working with children inspires you.
I am a figurative oil painter whose work leans toward magical realism. Teaching children helps me remember and celebrate my own inner child. They help me see the world fresh and remember the excitement of everyday moments.

Do you have a favorite memory of making art as a child?
As a child I took art lessons after school with an eccentric and wonderful teacher named Tanza. This was my time to be creative, learn formal technique, and explore through imagination. It was a wonderful, formative time.

What do you enjoy most about working at CMA?
I love sharing the magic of the visual arts with young minds.

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