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Mini Clothesline Inspired by Francesca DiMattio

New York City-born artist Francesca DiMattio fuses architectural, design, cultural, and historical references to create large paintings and ceramic sculptures. Since 2010, her focus has shifted to still lifes and domestic interiors, specifically ceramic vessels that ask us to consider how patterns, and decorative elements are constructed and depicted. Her playful sneaker sculpture Pump is included in CMA’s 2021 Art Auction and Fundraiser Exhibition, Now is Not the Time, which brings together the work of over 40 world-class contemporary artists to raise funds for the Museum.

DiMattio adorns her sculptures with patterns that are both abstract and familiar, such as delicate florals, bold black-and-white grids, and soft pastels. In this How-To Project, learn how to use colored construction paper and assorted textured fabrics scraps to create your own textile rubbings. What new patterns will you create? Next, cut out shapes of clothing to create your own unique outfit – don’t forget the sneakers!


  • Tracing paper or thin colored paper
  • Miniature clothespins
  • Soft pastel crayons
  • Textured fabric scraps
  • Twine or yarn

Step 1

Gather a variety of textures from around your home, such as fabric scraps, paper, or lace doilies. Compose textures on the table however you desire.

Step 2

Place tracing paper on top of the textures. Rub the side of a pastel crayon over the tracing paper to reveal the textures below.

Step 3

Cut the rubbings into clothing shapes, such as t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, hats, shoes, etc.

Step 4

To draw with yarn, cut out the shape of your desired piece of clothing. Lay down a thin line of glue on your piece of clothing and then follow the line of glue with your yarn. Let it dry. Now you have an article of clothing decorated with yarn!

Step 5

Mix and match patterns to create an outfit and hang it on a clothesline with twine or yarn.

CMA’s 2021 Art Auction and Fundraiser Exhibition, Now is Not the Time, takes place virtually from February 25 to March 11 in partnership with Artsy. Proceeds from the fundraiser exhibition ensure the continuation of CMA’s mission to provide vital access to the arts for children of all backgrounds and abilities from around the globe.

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